Why not participate in Erasmus + programmes?



A lot of people, above all those who have participated in some Erasmus + programme know that there are several reasons to take part in one of the many projects that Europe offers. But still there are some people that maybe they don't know about these type of projects or that they think that they are not so helpful.


Some kind of these programmes are youth exchanges, training courses, European Voluntary Services, university studies abroad... All of them have something in common: you will live unique and unforgettable experiences that you will not forget. But it is not just about the experience, it is also about what you are going to learn during the implementation of the project. This is because Europe is investing a huge amount of money to give the opportunity to young people to get new knowledge and skills through the programme (that by the way, it will finish in 2020).


Right now I am in my sixth month of my EVS and I realize how lucky I am for taking part in the project and for having the opportunity of work in my organization. During this months I learn a lot of things. The first thing that you will learn is to know yourself much better and to be conscious that you really can do things that you thought that you weren't able to do. Also you will have more new skills related with your project topic and to work as a group in the organization. Also, for sure you will improve your English and will have the opportunity to learn the language of the country that you will move on. Also you will know a lot of new people with different culture than yours and you will meet new friends.


Related with the youth exchanges and training courses, they are short projects of about 7-10 days, where you will have different activities and workshops related with one specific topic. Again you have the opportunity of know a lot of people from other countries and to improve your languages skills.


Summing up, if you are unemployed, if you finish your university or maybe if your don't know what you want to study, if you need a little break in your life or if you want to have some experiences abroad, my advice is to at least bear in mind Erasmus+ programme. I wrote about all the advantages of participate in it, but not about the disadvantages.... I am still waiting for find some negative aspects of these kind of programmes.


Ion Eslava