It is incredible how time passes so quickly. It seems like yesterday, when I was at Barajas airport in Madrid, with a huge and heavy luggage, and very nervous. I remember the emotion that I felt, a mixture of enthusiasm and fear of starting this new adventure: leaving my country behind. Now, I have lived in Jindrichuv Hradec for two months and I have come to understand some things…

Living abroad is a great opportunity, but it is not always easy. It is impossible not to feel homesick because of the distance. For me, this distance is a feeling, a concept. It is to be brave, to pack up and go. You cannot be sure if you made the right choice until you spend a few months there. When you start to be aware of the decision that you made, you will not regret it. The distance is to have an inner struggle between your dreams and your feelings. It is to risk because the people who risk always win.

Distance is to understand that material things do not matter; the important things are experience and memories. To be a citizen of two totally different places. To meet new people and learn about their cultures and language. To be independent and improve the ability to adapt to new situations - just take advantage of them. To know who you can trust and who you cannot.

Distance is to accept that whatever happens, happens. You should not look for it and if does not happen, it was not worth it anyway. To learn to ask for help and realize that there are many people who want to give succor to you. To make decisions and solve problems easily. To be more confident and open-minded for future opportunities.

Distance is to learn to live on your own, to understand that loneliness is sometimes necessary. To have good and bad days, some days you want to give up and others stay here forever. Nevertheless, know that you are never alone, because the distance separates bodies, not hearts and heart goes where the voice does not reach.

Now, I am sure that my family and friends are waiting for me in my country, but I would also like to say that I can call home any place where I feel safe and calm. For that reason, the Czech Republic will always be a shelter for me.