The rights of children vs parents

Last week, we carried out "the rights of children vs parents" project (KA 1). Participants from Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Jordan came to Jindrichuv Hradec to enjoy this project. I had the opportunity to be with them during the project and I spent 7 great and funny days with all of them. Of course, the topic of the project is quite clear: we were discussing about the rights of the children in the different countries and how different situations affect them (divorces, education,...).

The project started on 1st October. We expected that the participants would arrive in Jindrichuv Hradec after lunch as they said us. But we were in the office talking about the activities that we would carry out during these days when sudden the owner of the pension where the participants were going to stay, called us to inform that the Norwegian participants had already arrived. So of course we went to the pension to meet them (by the way, they came from Norway to the Czech Republic by car). Little by little the rest of the participants arrived during the afternoon and evening, so we could have dinner all together. 

During the morning and afternoon we were discussing about the project and also each country had to prepare some presentation about the rights of children in their countries. Also we discussed different situations and cases, and watched some videos. And during each evening, each country had to present their country and prepare some typical food. Some of them were so funny and it was a good time to disconnect and have fun.


Also one of the days of the project we had the opportunity to go to Prague. I've been there several times, but I love that city. Always when I go I am amazed because of the architecture, and that day it wasn't an exception. We had to wake up very soon because th bus left at 06.30. We were in Prague around 9 o'clock and we divided in groups since not everybody wanted to do the same things. All the participants agreed in one thing: it was a great day in Prague even though it was raining during the morning. At 16.30 we went to the bus station to take the bus to Hradec. We were all quite tired and that day all of us went to sleep soon.


And the days passed and passed and little by little the project finished. It finished on 8th October. Some of the participant took the bus to Prague pretty soon. I took them to the bus station and we said goodbye. It was around 6.30 and the first thing that I did once the project finished, was sleep, sleep and sleep. I felt so tired when the project finished. Of course, I rested enough to celebrate my birthday with my friends!

Ion Eslava