Strucutre Dialogue: Immigrants in the Czech Republic

This monday (19.11.2015) I had the pleasure to participate in a meeting with three Czech politicians. The topic could not be more interesting from my point of view. The immigration. A topic that it is in everybody's lips, with different opinions and reasons to support those opinions. But during this article I will not write about opinions, just about the meeting with the politicians and the students of different schools.

I have to recognize that I didn't know anything about this meeting (maybe they told me and I didn't remember...). Just my boss told me that on Monday I should go to the office at 08.00 am because they needed some help to take some stuff to the cinema. I knew that there was something there, nothing more. What was my surprise when I was in the cinema preparing everything for the meeting? Everybody was very well dressed. I was wearing a track-suit and a sweater, so I tried not to be in any photo!

I have to say that this meeting was organized by ICM Jindrichuv Hradec (by the way, the organization where I am working) and the students prepared questions related with the immigration in the Czech Republic. For that there were two mediators (Juzef and Adam) who presented the politicians and read the questions to them. I have to say that they did a very good job and that they were quite brave to be infront of around two hundred people. These students had two papers, one black and another white, and after the answer of the politician, if they liked the answers they had to show the white paper and if not the black one. This way we could see if the students were or not agree with the politician.

I would love to explain all of you the answers of the politicians... but all the meeting was in Czech. I think that I am improving my skills with Czech language... but no so much to understand that! I was trying so hard to listening carefully what they were saying and I understood something and in some questions I think (Only I think) that I understood the general idea about the answer. But again I would like to stress out that I think... who knows, maybe I understood completely the opposite that they were saying, but I am happy thinking that I got the general idea!

Also during the meeting I had the opportunity to meet Miša, a woman who collaborates with ICM in this kind of meetings or in another Structure Dialogues. I only knew her because of some photos on Facebook, but not personally. She is a very kind woman and after the meeting some of us we went to have lunch. Finally we came back to the office to continue with our jobs.

Ion Eslava