Christmas time is an important date for the Spanish for being with family and friends. Before it, we decorate homes and streets with Christmas trees and nativity scenes. Also, we usually eat nougat candy, marzipan and shortbreads.

Our Christmas begins in a peculiar and unofficially way on the 22th of December. That day, every Spanish person is watching the national lottery on the TV. It is the most awaited draw of the year. We know that Christmas is already here.

Like almost every country, Spanish people celebrate Christmas Eve dinner on the 24th of December. We usually eat prawns and meat (pork or lamb) and we drink wine and champagne. Catholic believers go to church at midnight and in this ceremony they sing “Villancicos” (Spanish Christmas songs).

On December 25th, every Spanish child gets up from bed excited for seeing the gifts that Santa Claus or Oletzero has brought for them. This day is day off because it celebrates Jesus birth. We have a lunch very similar to Christmas Eve dinner with family again.

We commemorate the slaughter of the newborn children that Herodes had ordered to be perpetrated. He tried to kill Jesus who had been born. For Spanish people, On December 28th is the day of jokes and all kids play pranks to others.

In new year´s Eve (31th December), there is a race in every Spanish city for celebrating Saint Silvestre day. At night, people dress up very smart and have dinner with family again. When there are twelve seconds left for the New Year, we have to eat twelve grapes, one in each second. It is for having good luck next year. In my city, we dress up with costumes.

On the 1st of January, we have lunch with family again. That day is day off.

On the 5th, we have a parade because the three magic Kings are in the city. On the 6th, Christmas finishes with a big lunch with family and with the presents.

Children start school again on the 8th of January.

¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año Nuevo!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Olentzero´s clothes!

Resultado de imagen de uvas nochevieja

Resultado de imagen de polvorones turron mazapan