She was life, she was freedom.
She was music, she was songs,
She was joy in his sad days,
She was his support in his bitter days,
She was a whole book full of stories to tell,
He did not appreciate it.

She reflected challenges,
He echoed fears,
She was his wings,
He did not want to fly.

She was his dream,
She was his muse,
She was the love of his life,
He could not appreciate it.

She drew a world just for him,
She lived only for him,
She was his happiness.

Today she is no longer,
She has left and will not return,
Now he cries, because he no longer has her,
He has lost her,
She will not come back.

She wrote for him,
She was poetry, he could not read.

"MS (March 9, 2016)"