Karlovy Vary - Plzen

Once more we changed the plans. At first we wanted to go to Krakow but we only had a weekend and we decided that it is not enough time to visit the city, so we postponed that trip. I suggested that we could do some little trip and we finally decided to go to Karlovy Vary and Plzen. It was an express trip in both cities but it was awesome! We went Saray, Inma and me, all of from Spain, so finally I spent a whole weekend speaking in my mother tongue! 


I went first to Karlovy Vary since the girls had to work on Friday and we had to go to  the apartment before 9pm. So I took a train to Prague and then a bus to Karlovy Vary. Once there I found quite easy the apartment so I called the hoster and she gave me the keys. The girls came two-three hours later so I decided to have a little walk through the city till they were coming.

Next day we woke up at 7am, not because we wanted but because it was so hot in the room and it was impossible to sleep. Nevertheless it was good because we had more time to visit the city. We strolled through this beautiful city, we took a funicular to go the top of a mountain were there is a tower with amazing views. Then I met Diego, a Mexican guy, friend of Saray and Inma, who is working in the Czech Republic.


The city is not big, so at 4 pm we decided to take a bus direction to Plzen. The first thing we did in Plzen was to visit the information centre because we weren't sure what we should have visited (besides the brewery, of course). Plzen is the European cultural city in 2015 so we found out that there were some events and concerts. After a shower, we went to a pub with a big terrace where an indie band were playing. It was quite cool but the terrace was so overcrowded.

On Sunday we strolled through the downtown and we went to the brewery. That visit was quite funny. They explained us the process of making beer and we visited the different installations. Also we had the opportunity to taste a very good and cold beer. Then we continued with some monument visits.

The coming back to Jindrichuv Hradec it wasn't so good... I missed the train that I wanted to take, and the next one was quite late. So I had to take a bus to Jihlava and once there take a train. I must say that I hate trains... In Jihlava I only had around 20 minutes to take the train. I had never ever been in Jihlava so once there I started to ask for the train station. What a surprised when I discovered that there are two train station in Jihlava. I didn't know the correct train station that I had to take. I started to walk and I couldn't find any young people to speak in English. So I started to try to speak in Czech!     "Prosim, protebuju jit na (na, do¿?¿?¿) nádrazi, ale nevím jak..." The people understood me and I was quite happy because I also understood their explanations in Czech!  So I run to the train station and I took it.  Finally at home, sweet home.

Tomorrow my cousins will come to visit me and we have planned to go Bratislava, Vienna, Brno and Prague. I will meet them in Bratislava, so I will take again trains... 


Ion Eslava