Today, I wanna write about Erasmus+ project that I wrote last month. I am waiting for one answer, but I should wait until April. I hope it will be approved, I just want to feel satisfaction after all my efforts for writing it in English. If it is approved and I can carry it out, it will take place from 7 to 15 of June in Jindrichuv Hradec.

It is an important performance of my project EVS. The project will have an impact on strengthening my competencies - organizational, analytical, linguistic and others. 

As the tittle says, this project is about stereotypes and prejudices about immigrants. Here, I add a sumary:

This project responds to the stereotypes and prejudices that citizens create on the arrival of immigrants guided by the fear of learning and sharing different culture, ethnicity, religion and language. The reality is that immigrants have a difficult beginning to get into society because of inequality of opportunities. Some of these stereotypes could be; immigrants take away our jobs, immigrants just live with subsidies and social aid, immigrants do not want to integrate in our society. When prejudices are in the social conscience and it refers to specific group like immigrants, they are the ruin of coexistence between different people. Another main reason for this project is the increase of extreme discrimination and racism that exist in our streets.
We usually judge before meeting people. We must change our mind and learn to be tolerant and empathetic for the rest. It is possible to live in a multicultural world.
We want to achieve Intercultural understanding, human rights, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity among young people in Europe.

ICM Jindřichův Hradec considers the need to help youth workers to promote tolerance between cultures and to learn about others, trying to avoid these types of discrimination.