Last week I spent my days in my hometown. There was the famous festival from Pamplona, San fermines. So I took advantage of the 2 days off in Czech Republic and I went to Spain. I really liked seeing my family and friends again, I saw my family in April but some of my friends I hadn´t  seen them since Christmas. The best thing was that some of them didn’t know that I was in Pamplona, so it was a surprise for them.

The festival started on the 6th of July with the fireworks at 12h and it will finish on the 14th at midnight.

In this festival, we have to wear white clothes with a red scarf and belt. There is bulls race every day at 8 in the morning and bullfighting in the afternoon. There are concerts and fireworks as well.

I had a good time but it was so short, because on the 9th I came back to Czech Republic.