Last week, my Spanish friends from Pamplona came to Prague to visit me. We spent two days there. These guys are Dani and Eneko:

I showed them whole city (Charles bright, John Lennon wall, castle..). We had a good time there!

After Prague, we went to Budapest. There, we met Oscar, who is our friend. He is also from Pamplona, but now he is studying in Poland in Erasmus programme. 

The trip was at night and it was so hard, but finally we arrived to Budapest.

We visited the parliament, St. Esteban cathedral, bridge of the chains, castle, bars of the ruins..

We also went to the thermal baths. It was strange to bathe in the water at 38 degrees when there was 3 degrees outside. At first I felt cold but then I was fine.

This trip was perfect! I liked seeing them again. I will miss them.