Between 20-25 of September I was on European volunteers on arrival training in Kralupy nad Vltavou town. There we met 27 volunteers that we are working in a different NGO in Czech.

Before I went arrival meeting I had been a little bit nervous thinking about what I could find there. But since the first moment I could see that it wasn`t anything official and formal and the other participants had the same restlessness than me. Besides, the trainers were very friendly people. 

After the first contact, the all things were very fast. The first days I could know more about each participant and we shared our experiences in the Czech Republic,  in a very friendly environment.

Then the trainers gave us more information about the objectives and rules to EVS programme. This part it was very helpful to understand better our situation and how we can facing better and improve our EVS in the future.

The last day we went to Prague for assisting to one meeting about international mobility. There we could hear different speeches about this topic. This meeting finished in the evening with a ska band. Here I add some pictures:

In conclusion, on arrival meeting I could know a lot of new volunteers and different experiences in Czech NGOs. This, with more information about the objectives and rules about EVS programme, it has given me other perspectives about how I can front my experiences here. Next weeks, I really want to start with my usual work in ICM JH (Spanish and English presentations) and work in me mini-projects.