Who are you?

My name is Antxon and I am the new volunteer in ICM JH. I come from Pamplona/Iruña, one little city in the north of Spain. It is the main city of Navarra region. It is very famous for their main celebrate, San Fermin. Amaia and Ion (last two volunteers here) came from the same place as me.


Why did you decided come here?

The last year was for me breakthrough year, because I had to finish on year before the economic degree and I didn`t have the degree certificate, I needed in English B1 level. So last year I worked very hard to get B1 english accreditation. But also I worked to look after childrens and I made a few courses to improve my skills.

When I was in that situation, I went to speak with the university social service worker about the possibility to improve my english, because I have dislexy and disgrafia. The social worker told me about the opportunity to come to Czech Republic. In the first moment I had doubt about come here, but I could to speak with the last volunteer Amaia and she described me very well this programme EVS ERASMUS+ in ICM JH. Also, i was in two time in Czech Republic and I had very well feelings.

So finally I am here and hope that this professional and personal experience give me opportunity to improve my skills and discover a new opportunities!


What do you do and what do you like in ICM JH?

I like my job in ICM JH because I can work in these areas:

Firstily, they work by projects and in my future i would like work in a job by projects.

Secondly, here i can learn a lot abaut non-formal education that i think it is very inportant area to inprove skills, like; work in team, know use participatory methodologics, empathize whit other people or build social conscience.

Finally, I work all time in english, so I can improve my english level and maybe over time I will start to learn czech language as well.

I hope that in coming months I will experience many new here.

Maybe you will see me on a different metings or presentation.

If you want to know more information about me or onganization ICM JH, we work in the office from Monday to Friday 10-16. Our web www.icmjh.cz is also available.

I am going to write every week about my experience here to the blog! :)

August 2018, Antxon