Today, I would like to speak about my Spanish Friends. Recently, they were in Madrid together because some of them are living there. I would have liked to be there, but it was impossible. I was at the meeting that weekend, and the flight tickets are very expensive just for one weekend. I hope we could be together soon laughing

Now, I am going to introduce them:

  • ALEJO: His name is Mikel, but we call him by his surname. He lives in Madrid. He studied a master's degree to be a film director. He is working in a Spanish TV series as a production assistant. He is an artist and a little dreamer, but he will go far, I am sure.


  • BEA: She studied agronomic engineering and now, she is working in a company. She is living in La Rioja, a community near Navarre. I spent my days with her in library when we were at university, hard days but funny too. She is the best person I have ever met because she gives all for everyone.


  • IOSEBA: He lives with Alejo in Madrid. He is studying journalism. He is also an artist, he can write so well. He is so funny, I can laugh for hours. He is the kind of person you would like to have forever. He will always be my friend, wherever I am.


  • IOSUNE: She lives in Pamplona, my hometown. She studied school teaching and fortunately, she is working at school as a teacher. She is always making bad jokes but anyway, we love her. She is going to visit me next month and we will go to Bratislava. I am excited about our trip.


  • ISA: Her name is Isabel, but we call her Isa. She studied pharmacy and now, she is studying a master. She lives in Pamplona, too. My party friend, lol. We get along so well, she is very nice. I always tell her all my things and she helps me every time. She will visit me in May, I am looking forward.


  • SARAI: She is living in Oxford, UK. She studied nursing and now, she is working as a nurse at hospital. She visited me in November, we were in Prague… we had fun together. Although we are far away we try to be in contact. I hope to see her soon in Oxford because I miss her so much.


  • TANIA: She lives in Madrid with her boyfriend. She studied Marketing and she is working in a company. She is my best friend. All my best memories, I remember them with her. She is the kind of person who you can write a book about her life, everything happens to her. She will visit me next month too… looking forward.


I miss all of them. I am looking forward the day when I see them again. For now, I can only be in contact with all of them and wait.

“The distance separates bodies, not hearts and heart goes where the voice does not reach”.