Last week I started with the Spanish presentations at Gymnázium Vítězslava Nováka. This is going to be one of my main work in my volunteering.

Sometimes, it is very difficult start to speak in front of a lot of people and the first presentations everybody remembers as embarrassing situation. But with the time and doing more public speeches we feel more comfortable and secure.

My feelings in my first presentation at Gymnazium were really good. I think the factors that helped me to feel good were next ones; The teacher crated comfortable environment with the students, the language was Spanish that I have good fluent and the topics were really familiar to me (Spanish culture, geography, gastronomic, history...). Also, I had experiences in public speeches, because in my university I participated in different discuss tournaments.

Next weeks, I am going to follow with the English presentations. I think that it will be a really big challenge for me, because learn English, with my dyslexia and disgrafy, it will be very difficult. So, I have never thought before that in the future I could do one presentation in English.

After two months here, studying English really hard, I think that I can front face this challenge and prepare nice to pass the situation as well as possible. Once I will realize the presentation, I am going to write again my experience. Maybe in that occasion I won't be so optimistic.