From 9th to 13th of March, I spent my days at the midterm meeting with the same volunteers than last time.

It was in Vrchlabi (north of Czech Republic). On wednesday 8th I had to catch bus for going to Prague. There, I spent my night at my friend Silvia´s. On thursday morning, I started my trip to Vrchlabi. That day we played some games and we watched our EVS photos.

On friday morning, We spoke about our EVS. In the afternoon, we went to the mountains. It was snowing. We took advantage of it and we were playing with sleds. I have never played with sleds because 1- I live in Spain, so I don´t see snow a lot of time and 2- I hate snow. But, I have to say that it was so funny.

On friday evening, we did one activity called: "I am the food". All of us brought one food/drink that represents us because we usually eat/ drink it or we like it. I brought tea because before I came to this country, I didn´t drink it too much but now I do every day.

On saturday and sunday, we spoke about what things we would like to do before the end of the EVS. Also, we spoke about our future after EVS, if we want to stay here more and get job or come back to our countries.

Once, we had to choose 2 topics between 3 topics; czech history and politics, dating, sex and family in czech republic and what places we could visit in this country. I chose the two first topics that time because on the other meeting, I had already chosen "what places we could visit". Now, I know more about czech boys and I am ready for finding my true love in this country, although maybe it is better to wait for my spanish guy hahahah I will see. History and politics were interesting because I didn´t know too much about these topics.

On saturday, we didn´t waste time and we went out to one club.

My roommates were Sasha from Russia and Aliona from Belarus. We get along so well! I am a Russian speaker because of them. They teached me some bad words of course.

I am very glad with this midterm meeting because I could see my friends again. I hope to see them again. We are planning to preper another meeting before the end of EVS. We could travel somewhere too.

I am sure that I will go to Brno to visit Sasha one more time, and she will come to JH too.

These days, I have been thinking about my future, If I want to stay here more after my EVS and get job or come back to Spain. Now, I am more sure that I would like to try my life in this country, maybe just for few years more and then I will come back to my homeland.