It is not worth fighting this battle, knowing that it is lost. Be in the middle of the storm, knowing that rainbow never comes. It is not worth it that you give your whole soul, that you lose the dignity for someone who does not make you happy. Nights awake, days without a smile.

It is not worth it to hide your personality, trying not to be yourself to please others. Be unfaithful, lose your essence. Whoever loves you, will love you with all the consequences; your doubts, manias, insecurities and your defects. And if not, it was not worth it.

It is not worth living every day, thinking what will happen the next one. Do not forgive the unforgivable, nor justify the unjustifiable things. Do not give more than you receive. Do not think that in the future it will be different, because nothing will change.

It is not worth giving up your dreams for fear of not achieving them. Do not lose your self-esteem. Do what you have always wanted to do and do not depend on anyone. Self-love is the most important thing you have, so love yourself forever.

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