Last preparations for "Equal Job Opportunities" project!

Just one week more. One week more and "Equal Job Opportunities" project will start. The reason why I am so motivated with it is that it is my own project. I wrote it, I chose the countries partner organizations, I designed the plan, ... Of course it can seem that everything is perfect. But I feel so nervous. It is true that always I think about all the bad things that could happen. Maybe is a way not to relax, but I feel quite nervous.

Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. These are the countries that will participate in the project. Two people per country so we will be 12 participants plus me and another girl who will help me during the implementation of the project. Of course the topic is quite clear: equal job opportunities in Europe for all European citizens. Also related with the topic, we will discuss a little about discrimination, labour market, immigration. All of them factors that affect directly to the develop of an equal job opportunities within the European labour market.

I am preparing with the help of Lili different activities, cases, presentations... I am reading several articles and news related with the topic and try to use some of then in the project. Also I must be in contact during these days with the other organizations to ensure that everything is okay.

I dont know how will be the project result, but I am giving my best, and as a volunteer, it is being a great experience and opportunity to develop my skills as coordinator and manager. When the project finishes I will write about my thoughts about it, if the the participants liked it or not and if everything went as I wanted / planned. Also in two weeks I will go to Krakow with some volunteers! So I will also write about the trip!

Ion Eslava