This week I am on holidays with my parents and I visiting different places in the south of Czech republic. So in this and next articles I am going to write about my experience and feelings in this holidays.

The first days, we have visited Jindrichuv Hradec and some towns from South Bohemia. We could see that the all towns have a similar building and structures with one main square surrounded for small housing with a lot of colours, like; JH, Telc, Ceska Budejovice and Trebon. But each of these places has own characteristic that they make them very beautiful.

The most beautiful place that we were, it was Ceska Krumlov. This town is very special, the river and castle make it unusual town.

Other places that we visited it has been the castles. Here is usual that each town has their castle with their historical function that it was very different; some it  was houses for kings or nobles and others for defense and surveillance. it was very interesting visited all of them and we learned something more about Czech history. In the future, I would like to study a little bit more Czech history.

In conclusion, we are very happy with our travel around of south of Czech republic. But, if we need say one thing to improve in Czech republic it is that it can improve the campings and places for the people that they travel by caravan or autocaravan.