I want to be different


"I want to be different". This is the reason why right now I am in Jindrichuv Hradec (The Czech Republic). Also this is the name of my EVS project and right now I am in the middle of it. During this time I had very funny moments with my organization, with other volunteers and also with my friends, but I didn't realize how fast the time runs. It was around two weeks that I thought that in six months I will have to come back to Spain and say goodbye to me EVS (well my EVS finishes in February 2016, but I feel that way).


Before comming to Jindrichuv Hradec (February 2015) I was so nervous. I knew that I was the only volunteer in the city so I was afraid that I wouldn't meet people. But I have a very good mentor that helps me a lot and that introduced me all her friends. Also it was my first long experience abroad, so I didn't know how I was to react during my project. But finally everything was perfect thanks to the support and help that I received since the first day.


My EVS topic is youth information and youth education. So one of my main tasks is to visit a lot of schools. The first visits I was explaining the students something about Spain and about the region where I live (Navarra). It was a initial contact to get used to speak in front of the students in English. Then I changed the topic and till know and until my EVS finishes, I go to different schools to explain the students and give them information about Erasmus+ programme. I usually explain them what is it, the different goals, I and above all I focus on Key Action 1, since I think that it is more related for the students. Also I tell them about my experience in my EVS. I try not to convince them because each one has different criteria and thoughts. But I think is important for them to have this information in their minds, and once they finish school or even university maybe they think is a good time to participate in one of the different programmes.



We also offer different Spanish courses for the people from the city. Finally, my organizartion gave me the opportunity to write and Erasmus + project (Key Action 1). So I decided to write a training course about equal job opportunities. It was quite hard and tough to write it but finally I made it, and now we are waiting to the National Agency decision. I am not sure if it will be aprroved or not, but I feel quite proud of myself. 


Apart from my different tasks, I am knowing a lot of new people, new friends, I am travelling around the Czech Republic and abroad, I am learning a lot and I hope to continue learning because "I want to be different".


Ion Eslava