Holidays are coming!!




Just a few days more and... I will have holidays! It is not that I am not having fun during these days but I have a lot of plans for my holidays (that they will be in August). During this month of July, I have worked (and I am still working) in different tasks in the office. I am quite busy and the tasks are interesting, but I think that everybody would prefer have holidays and to travel!


The first plan of my holidays is go to Krakow, Poland. Me and other volunteers are planning to go to Krakow for two - three days to visit the city. I have always wanted to go to Krakow, since I know some friends that went there and I have only heard good experiences and good things about the city! But it is not only the fact of visiting the city. It is also to see again the volunteers and to spend those days with great people!



The second plan that I have, that it will be just after the trip to Krakow, is the visit of my cousins! I am really looking forward to see them since I will not come back to Spain during my stay in the Czech Republic, so it will be so good to see them. We have planned to visit some cities: first, we will go to Vienna, Austria. I also wanted to visit Vienna, since I think that it is so awesome, but also quite expensive... Then we will go to Brno for two days and finally to Prague. I have been several times in Prague but it is impossible to get bored of that city. I really like Prague, its architecture, its streets, the people... So I am so happy to come back again! We will spend one week in these three cities, and then, they will come back to Pamplona (the city where we live in Spain).



Finally, after my cousins' visit we are planning to go to Hallstatt, Austria. I have three friends from Jindrichuv hradec that they are working during summer there so we would like to go there to visit them. Yet is not sure that we will go, but we would like to visit that village. I didn't know anything about the city, but I searched some information and some pictures on internet and it seems amazing! 



Basically these are my plans for August. I still have some more holidays and I would love to visit some other cities in the Czech Republic, but I have not planned anything yet, since I still have time! I hope that my holidays are amazing and having a lot of fun. I will write my holidays experience when I come back!


Ion Eslava