Holidays in Italy

After almost one year I was with some of my friends! I didn't go to Spain and they didn't come to the Czech Republic. We agreed to meet in Italy! And so we did. At first, we wanted to go to Budapest, Viena and Prague, but we delayed with the searching of flights and hostels and finally it was so expensive for them. For me it was okay, cause I've been in those cities and I prefered to visit new cities!. Finally we decided that we were going to visit Bergamo, Milan, Como's lake and Verona.

We went for almost one week. It is curious than being from Spain, now and because of my stay in the Czech Republic I always compare the prices witch the czech crowns, so at first everything was very expensive! but little by little and thinking also about the Spanish prices I got used. So I arrived in Bergamo around 5pm and my friends were there waiting me! I was so happy to see them and while we were going to the hostel I was telling them everything about my stay here as volunteer.

Our first impression about Bergamo wasn't very good... Of course it was dark and furthermore it was so foggy! Also, nobody was in the street... so we searched some place to have dinner and to drink some beers and we went to the hostel to sleep since all of us where quite tired.

We woke up next day and we went to visit the city. Totally different. It was very nice city with very nice buildings and great downtown. The city is quite small so at 6pm we had visited all the city so we decided to go to a pub to drink some beers! (I have to say that while in the Czech Republic one beer is around 1-1.5€ in italy was around 5€, so just 4 for us we spent 80€ in two hours in that pub!)

Next day we went to Como's lake. We took a train in Bergamo and in two hours we were there! I knew about the lake but I didn't know anything about the city so I didn't have any kind of expectation. If the lake and the views were great, the city was awesome! so much people in the downtown, and as the Christmas is coming there were so many lights and Christmas post in the downtown. Great atmosphere.

Next day we went to Milan. So much people told me that Milan is nothing special so again I didn't have so much expectations. Again I was wrong. What an amazing Duomo. We could go upstairs and there are some views that are great and also the architecture is amazing. Also in Milan we joined with another friend who couldn't come before. Also this friend has another italian friend who lives there and we met him to go to have dinner and to have some beers.


And finally, Verona, Romeo and Juliet's city. Again as nice and awesome as the other cities. We spent here two days and last day we came back to bergamo to take the plane. Of course they took a plane direction Madrid and I took a plane direction Prague.

I didn't realize how much I missed my friends and my things in Spain till I said my friends goodbye. After a great week, staying all day laughing, our parties at night, our jokes and basically stay with them as if I would have never left Pamplona, we said goodbye. I came back to my city with two different feeling. On a first hand very happy because of the week and on the other hand because I don't know when I will see them again, since I will not go to Pamplona at Christmas.

So this was my awesome trip. As I have said I will stay here at Christmas so I will have the opportunity to see the Czech Christmas, topic of my next history here, in the Czech Republic!

Ion Eslava