I would never have imagined saying goodbye to this country could hurt so much. When I arrived I only counted the days to go back home and now I would like to stop time for an instant and it would give me more advantage to enjoy my last days here.

I remember how difficult the first few months were when I still did not know many people, and I missed my home, my family, my friends and my country. But little by little I was making friends, traveling and knowing this place better.

Now I know that it is possible to feel a citizen of two completely different countries, with different cultures and languages. Be in love with two places. I do not judge what is different anymore, because what was not normal, ends up being a habit. But the most important thing I have learned is that the place does not matter, what gives meaning to everything is the people who love you and spend your time, and that in the end it is measured in small moments.

I am happy for everything I have lived. I have learned a lot, from the good and the bad. With the first you have good memories, with the second you get experience for the future.

I just hope I have left a mark in this city and that you will never forget me, in the same way I will always remember all of you. Be in touch now and always. Have the opportunity to see us again, here or in Spain, while I decide what I want to do in my future. Hope this friendship never ends and be lasting.

As I told once, I can call home any place where I feel safe and calm. For that reason, the Czech Republic will always be a shelter for me.