Hallstatt- Austria

Last week I visited some friends from Jindrichuv Hradec in Hallstatt. I wrote in another post that this trip it would be later, but finally we changed plans (like we changed the plans of visiting Krakow...). What to say about Hallstatt... no words to describe such beautiful landscapes...



I went with a friend from Jindrichuv Hradec. The trip was quite long, around 6 hours. We got lost in Cesky Krumlov and there was quite traffic but finally around 6pm we arrived to Hallstatt. There, they were waiting two friends that they are still working there. That day we prepared a little barbecue next to a lake. It was raining all day so you can imagine how much time we spent to try to make fire, but finally we did it! We had a very good dinner and then we swam in the lake.


Next day we took the bicycles and we went to visit another friend who works in a little pub lost in the mountains. I almost went to the ground with the bicycle (I have to recognize that I am not a very big fan of them...) but finally I got to the place. When my friend finished her tasks, we took the car and we went to Salzburg! Again, amazing city... We walked through the city center and we had dinner in a very good chinese restaurant. It was my first experience in an asian restaurant and it was really good! we all got so full!


The third day we took my friend and I the car (since the other had to work) and we went to a skiing resort. We parked the car down and we went walking to the top of the mountain. We spend around two hours more or less and when we were in the top, it started to rain so hard!! We took a beer hoping that the rain would stop but it didn't... So we started to walk down and sudden, a car stopped us to take us down! We were so lucky! :D



Finally the last day, in the morning we decided to climb another mountain (this time it was a little one) where we found amazing views. Finally that days we visited all our friends in their jobs to say them goodbye. The coming back home wasn't so hard and long. Just in 4 hours we were again in Jindrichuv hradec.

I would really like to thank my friends who had to work and then they were with us showing new places, and travelling to another places. We really knew that they were tired and they needed to rest but yet, every moment they were with us! I am still thinking about the amazing landscapes, mountains, lakes, ... but I have to settle just looking the photos... But is okay, next trip is waiting me!!



Ion Eslava