I was preparing my first English presentation the last week and this morning I have done it. The last time, when I wrote about it, I said that I was really nervous and it would be a big challenge for me, but at the end it hasn't been as hard as I touhgt.

   During this week, I was thinking about the presention’s topic and the way to do the presentation. On Monday I still didn't know the topic that I would speak. Sometimes, when you have a lot of options, the election is harder than when you have a few choices. This was my situation on Monday.

   On Tuesday, I decided to do the presentation about the Spain, with the help of another Power point which it was made by another volunteer. By that moment, I started to learn the sentences that I would say during the presentation. I worked very hard until the presentation’s day and maybe, I simulated the presentation six times before the official one.

   So today, I have been less nervous during the presentation than I thought, because I really had got rehearsal and corrected the main mistakes. I think, I couldn`t do better with my actual english level and I am happy and proud of myself, because I really have worked hard to do it.

Here one Photo for the presentation: