Family trip

Last week my cousins came to visit me so we planned to go to different cities: Bratislava, Vienna, Brno and Prague. I was really looking forward this trip because I didn't see any relative since I came to the Czech Republic. Despite the weather (it was so hot) and the very long strolls, it was an amazing trip.


My cousins arrived in Bratislava so I had to take two trains from Jindrichuv Hradec to get there. We only spent half a day in Bratislava since we thought that it worthed to spend two days in Vienna. So we visited the most important monuments and we walk through the down town and then we took a bus to Vienna. Once in Vienna we had to walk with the backpacks one hour to our hostel. The hostel was quite nice, clean, with very polite staff and a nice terrace. So we decided to buy a day metro ticket and we went first to Sissi's Palace. I saw so many pictures about this palace, but once there I felt quite disappointed. The grass was so dry so it didn't look so good and the palace wasn't as I thought. I have to say that it was nice but I had more expectation about it. We continued our trip, and I must say that in my opinion everything was great. I really liked the city. I would have liked to spend even one more day there since when you have little time and you have to walk so many kilometres in one day, is impossible to enjoy the city as if you had enough time.



After Vienna, we went to Brno. Well, we had booked a bus to go to Brno but we missed it. So we had to take a train to Brno. I've been in Brno twice so more or less I knew what we had to visit. I wouldn't say that Brno is as nice as Vienna or Prague but I this time I really found it nice. There were a lot of people, and in the main square there were a lot of stands and music, so there was a very good atmosphere. That day was also very hot so we decided to wait till 7-8pm to go to the castle. We didn't realize that of course the castle was going to close earlier so we went at 8 and of course, it was closed.


And finally Prague. I've been in Prague several times, and I still can not describe how beautiful is this city. I can get bored of visiting Prague and also my cousins were amazed with it. Well, we spent two days in Prague so the first day we went to a free tour. These free tours are of course tours were young people explain the most important things while you visit the city for free. You are not obligated to give them money, so once the tour is finished you give the money that you want to the guide. The tour was around two hours and half and we visited the Prague old town. During the afternoon-evening we continued visiting the city.

The next day we went to visit the palace and the cathedral in the morning. We all were so tired because of the trip so I think that neither of us paid so much attention. And suddenly it started to rain cats and dogs. We spent like 30 mins under a cover. Then we went to a mall since it was still raining. It was good because we had the opportunity to have some rest. We all bought some clothes and when the rain stopped we went out the mall.



We spent last night and then next day my cousins took the plane to Barcelona and I took the train to Jindrichuv Hradec. It was again raining so much and on the railway there were some stones so we had to got off the train took a bus, and then again another train.

Basically this is like I spent these days with my family. We all enjoyed the trip. I dont have more planned trips, but in December some friends will come to visit me so we have to think about where to go! Also I still want to go to Krakow with the volunteers!

Finally I would like to copy a web link. For those that don't speak Spanish they will not understand anything. This web link shows an interview that a newspaper from Navarra (the region where I live in Spain) made me about my EVS experience!



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