First, my best friend and her boyfriend came to JH to visit me, we had a good time together.

My family and my friend came to visit me to Czech Republic and we spent one weekend in Prague. We did two free tours (old town and new town) and we visited the concentration camp, too.

On Monday, we went to Karlovy Vary. I had never been there and I liked too much that city. We just drank from thermal fountains and walked around.

On Tuesday, we went to Pilsen and we visited the beer factory. It was funny because the guide was crazy and she made us sing to each group. We were the Spanish group and nobody wanted to sing, so I decided to sing alone. I sang Macarena and my mother told me that she was so surprised and this country is changing me, lol.

On Wednesday, we went to Cesky Krumlov and to JH. My friend and I met Jindra and Jirka at night. On Thursday, we had dinner with Iveta and her family, it was cool night.

On Friday, I had to say goodbye to my mum and my cousin because they came back to Pamplona. But it was not the end of my trip… my friend and I went to Bratislava. We did a free tour in English language and there we met 7 Spanish guys, but 4 of them were from Pamplona, it was so excited! Meet people from Pamplona in Bratislava… So, we decided to spend whole day with them. They are doing Erasmus in Sofia and they were visiting Bratislava.

On Sunday, we came back to Prague… my friend flew to Spain and I went to JH.

In this trip, I realized how much I miss my family and friends. Now, I am more aware of where I come from and where I want to go, and wherever I am, they will always go in my heart.

“The distance separates bodies, not hearts and heart goes where the voice does not reach”.