EVS Midterm Meeting


The last week was our EVS Midterm Meeting in Samechov, a small village near Prague. Every volunteer has the right and the must to participate in two meetings. The first one was in March (Arrival meeting) in Brno. In this first meeting I had the opportunity to know great people (volunteers), and the trainers will explain you the most important things about the EVS. I think that this meeting is so helpful and useful for us.

Finally, the second meeting was the last week. I met again with the volunteers and we spent 5 amazing days all together. Firstable, the programme from my point of view was very good. The trainers explain us how to fill the Youthpass (very important document that shows that you have participated in this programme and also shows what you learn during your stay), they also gave us tips to keep our motivitation till the end of the EVS, and very important information about what to do once our EVS is finish. Also we spent one amazing cannoing day, where we had lot of fun!!



Ion Eslava