Equal Job Opportunities





Equal job opportunities is the name of the project that I wrote during April. My organization gave me the opportunity to try to write a project and I didn't doubt to accept the proposal. I knew that it would be very tough and difficult but it was a challenge for me that it would bring me new skills.


The theme of the project is quite clear: same job opportunities for everybody. In the project I focus in Europe. Right now, because of the European economic integration, every european citizen has the same rights to find a job in an European country. But being serious, do you really think is that true? I mean, if you want to move to UK or Germany or another European country, do you think that you will have the same opportunities to find a job than a native? The answer is clear: NO. Of course, if you move to UK you must have very good English level (or at least enough level to carry out your tasks). But there are a lot of people with university studies and with good languages level that must work in some not qualified job and no related with their studies because it is almost impossible to access to a qualified post.


As a young man and living in a international labour market, I think is primordial to try to fix this problem. This is the main reason that I chose this topic. At first I was not sure about the theme. I wanted some topic that nowadays is a fact and a problem for the society. So this idea came out and I didn't doubt to write the project about it. I really think that the most important thing about a project is to have a good topic or a good idea.


The process was quite hard. All the points that you have to write about are so important so you must pay attention in each question and think about the best way to express what you are trying to say, and bearing in mind that you must not forget anything. Finally I wrote the training course and I sent it to the Czech National Agency(I invited as partner organizations Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and of course the Czech Republic).


On Monday, the National Agency published the results. My project was not directly approved. There are a lot applications and there are not money for all of them. I had 82,5 points of 100 and right now I am in the third position of the reserve list, so I still have options. I have to wait a little more!. I still don't know what will happen but I am so proud of my work and of course, I learnt a lot during the process.


Ion Eslava