Equal job Opportunities implementation

Finally the day came and Equal Job Opportunities project started! After three months of preparation and working on the project, it was time to implement all the activities and presentations that we had for this project, with the main goal (among others) of promote equal opportunities for access and participation on the labour market. During this days 10 the participants would talk about this and their situations in their countries.

It was Monday and I woke up so nervous. The participants were going to come during the afternoon / evening. During the morning last preparations and we took all the material that we needed to the accommodation where the participants were going to stay during these days. 

The first participants that came were from Slovakia, following them, Romanian participants, Hungarian participants, Turkish participants and finally Bulgarian participants. We started the next day with a brief presentation about the project, some ice breaking to know each other, we established some rules during the project and we talked about the project expectations and fears. During the afternoon I made a presentation about the European Union single market to introduce the topic and we watched several videos about this and about problems that affect to the European citizens as discrimination on the labour market, youth unemployment,...

For the following days, the participants prepared a presentation about their countries related with the project. They were quite interesting presentations and we could see and discuss the different situations in each country. The Slovak participants prepared a very funny activity. We had to go through the city and try to "get" a job. so in groups we went to different stores or pubs asking if it was possible to "work". And we were surprised about the positive answers!

And the days were passing and passing, and I was feeling more relax since I was seeing that things were going very good and participants were quite happy with the project. Of course, we went to Prague. Great trip, although I have to say that we didn't visit so many things. I dont know why but we were walking so slowly and we were stopping all the time, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the day!

Also each day we had the intercultural nights. Each evening, each country had to present their country, and talk about their tradition, culture, dances, traditional food and drinks,... 

And sudden, the goodbye. Being sincere, I have to say that I really needed to rest. I spent all the days with them from the morning to the evening, so I needed it. But on the other hand I was sad. All participants were great and I think that all together we had a great time, where we had time to learn, work  and to have fun.

I have to say that it was an amazing experience, sometimes quite hard, but I would say that I learnt lots of things during this process. Although I have to say that maybe the implementation of the project is finished, I still have to write the report and do more administrative tasks.

Finally, I would like to thank Pepa, Lucka for being with me during this days, and above all, Lili to be with all days and helping so much during the project. Of course, thank to all the participants because of their active participation along all the project. Without them the project wouldn't have been the same project, so THANK YOU!.

Ion Eslava