Dobris is a little town of the Czech Republic, only 30 minutes from Prague. This is the city where I will live during the month of September. I am not going to say that at first the idea of this change didn't scare me. I was quite nervous because of the idea of being in a city totally unknown by me. But finally… it was the same when I came to Jindrichuv Hradec. I didn't know that city and know I couldn’t be happier in Hradec.


My tasks in Dobris are quite similar than in ICM Jindrichuv Hradec. I am collaborating with the organization E-Plus so during my stay I will visit lots of schools to talk about Spain and about my experience in Europe.

So, on 6th of September I took a train from Hradec to Prague, and once there, I took a bus to Dobris, where Andrea and her daughter were waiting me. I am living with them and I have to say that is perfect. They help me in everything that I need and they are very nice and kind with me! I spend the most time with Andrea, since she usually comes with me to the schools and after that, we work together and discuss about different issues.


 I decided that I was going to spend my first weekend in Dobris. It was a very nice weekend. I also met Kristina (Andrea’s oldest daughter) who studies in Prague.  Andrea took me to visit a museum in village near Dobris. The museum was about gold and also something about history. I really liked it and the personal of the museum, who explained us everything related about the museum (they were speaking in Czech and Andrea was my translator).

Also on Saturday there was an event in Dobris about a historical train. I was very lucky since we can only enjoy it twice per year (May and September).  During this trip I met Slavomír Lener, a quite famous Czech ice hockey trainer. And of course I took a photo with him.


This weekend I will go back to Jindrichuv Hradec to celebrate my birthday with my friends! I am really looking forward to see my friend and celebrate my birthday!


Ion Eslava