Culture differences between the Czech Republic and Spain


One of the most important challenges when somebody goes to another country is to get used and to understand the culture of the new country. That happens for example when you decide to participate in one Erasmus + programme, as instance EVS.


I wouln't say that I had to face with big culture differences when I came to the Czech Republic to start my EVS in ICM Jindrichuv Hradec but there are some of them that I still have to get used. Some of these differences are for example the meals schedule. In spain we usually have lunch around 13.30 - 14.30 pm and we have dinner around 20.30-21.30pm. But in the Czech Republic is totally diferent! For Czech people is normal to have lunch at 11.30-12.30 and have dinner at 18.00 (at those hours I usually eat some sandwiches or snacks!!!). So the first day that I came to the Czech Republic (I really remembered that day because I was so scared!) and I went with my organization to have dinner at 18.00 I could't understand anything. I wasn't hungry at all! For me this is my biggest challenge; to teach my body to eat at these times (I really think that I will not achieve it).


Another difference is for example when spansish people meet some new people. It is so normal to give two kisses to a girl when we meet the first time or when you say goodbye. In the Czech Republic they shake the hand and that is all. At first I found it quite cold, but now for me is also normal and I always give the hand to everybody (even to spanish people!). Also, Czech people take off their shoes when they go home. That was also strange for me at first.


About the people, I really didn't find big differences. I am from the north of Spain and I would say that we have similar behaviour. But it is not the same for people from the south of Spain. I think that they would find big differences!


I have to say that I dind't have any problem to adapt to the Czech lifestyle. I learnt a lot of things about the country and I really like their culture, the people and the whole Czech Republic. I think this is the most important thing to enjoy your stay in a foreign country. You must learn and understand the culture of your new country, because you are not in your home-country. And of course, you should try to learn the new language... But for me is something that it drives me crazy (it is so difficult for me... but I also like it and I am trying to learn it!).



Ion Eslava