Have you ever felt slave of your questions? Have you ever asked that everything could have been different? Doubts like: If I had not…? Or worst; if I had…? Let me tell you that it is better to regret of something that you have done than to regret of never having known, because you did not dare and now, you have this doubt forever.

Normally, we do not take the step because we are afraid or embarrassed of what people could think and we do not realize how much we are losing. Why not try it again? Why leave the destiny decide for me? Why not tempt to luck?

I think sometimes in our life we win and sometimes we learn, but we never loose. Stop thinking and act, do not let somebody decide for you. Take the risks and be the master of your life. Do whatever you want, you will deal with the consequences later, but happy to have tried, and it will never have been a failure, but a lesson of life.

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