This Friday, 12 of October, it will be the European mobility programmes day. In ICM JH we are going to prepare different activities for this day with the goal to socialize the opportunities that European Union gives for youth people to live one grateful experience abroad.

In this article, I would like to speak about my experience in Erasmus + projects and European mobility programmes. But, firstly we need understand that Erasmus + It isn't only programs for students. For example, until I came here I had thought that it was only for students. But when my university after finished my degree offered me the possibility to come to ICM JH and doing here my EVS (European Volunteering Service) I could see that I was wrong.

One of the main goals for European Union it promotes the youth mobility in Europe and live in democratical values. So, they have a lot of opportunities.

For one hand, you can participate in an Erasmus + project (youth exchange or youth worker trainings) in which they work, social topics, like; social inclusion, democratic values, youth and politics, immigration and so on. This project is very good for people that they don't want go a lot of time abroad (the duration depend for each project, but normally it is between one week and two weeks). Here you can learn a lot of about non formal education and improve your personal and professional skills.

I could participate in two of this project and I knew people from different places of the European Union and I learned a lot of methodologies from non-formal education. But my main learn it was that I started to ponder about my prejudices and after that I have been deconstructing me social beliefs.

And for other hand, If you want go more time abroad, collaborate and work on social topics, you can do the volunteering programme in one non-profit organization. In these programmes you can choose between the short time (between one and three months) and long time (between four months and one year) volunteering.

This is the programme that I am doing here in ICM JH. At the moment I am very happy with my experience here, but as in any new situation the first weeks are hard. In other articles I write about this, so if you want read more you can check it in the last article.

Finally, if you want know more about this program you can come on Friday to the office ICM JH and ask about this or participate in the presentations.